5 February 2015

Beauty | In Defence Of Natural Deodorant

Aesop deodorant | Calvin Klein bra

Deodorant has never been something I've paid much attention to, besides those instances of pulling on a tight black top, only to notice as you're running out the door that you now look reminiscent of a zebra - cue a quick change and damning deodorant's existence. Whatever deodorant was on offer in the supermarket while food shopping would usually be what wound up in my basket and consequentially under my armpits. That's about as much thought as I gave it.

That was until I found myself in Aesop wondering what there was on their shelves that hadn't found their way onto mine yet. To put it into perspective, even the Post Poo Drops were already sitting proudly on our toilet, ready to tackle whatever hits the basin with its "tangerine peel, yang ylang, mandarin peel" scent. It's a great product but at 20 quid a pop, it's also a completely unnecessary extravagance.

Then there it was. Something else I didn't need but what looked like the product I had been waiting for. One spray of the outdoorsy, fragrant mist and I knew I had to have the Aesop deodorant. I let the girl in the store convince me further even though it was already a given that I wouldn't be leaving Aesop without it.

"It's free from Aluminium," she said. My other deodorants all had aluminium in them? Who knew. I pictured spraying the tin foil that resides in the kitchen onto my skin and it sinking into my pores."Oh, really?" I replied and she continued to explain that the Aesop deodorant doesn't block sweat like other antiperspirants but  prohibits the growth of coryneform bacteria. A quick google later informed me that this is the bacteria that is the main contributor to BO. So, essentially the Aesop deodorant isn't really a deodorant at all. It's more of a bad body odour blocker.

Even though that may be the case, I wouldn't go back to my £1 supermarket specials. There have been a few weird experiences though. I'm not very sweaty person so, sweat patches aren't a problem during the day but my gosh, do I sweat when I exercise. Real talk - having really sweaty armpits is a weird feeling to get used to and there is the occasional experience of armpit chafing, ew.

Putting those issues aside, wherever possible, why not keep things natural? It turns out that there's a large market of natural deodorants out there, free from chemicals and parabens, just waiting to mask the smell of your BO. You're welcome.
debs said...

I use Nuxe, and it's bloody brilliant....

Brooke O'Halloran said...

I had no idea natural deodorant was even a thing! http://surreyvslondon.me/

Lily Lipstick said...

I'm trying to make the switch at the moment - figured that winter was a good time for it! This is definitely one that's going onto my to-try list. x

Maison Ellis said...

I'm such a silent but keen reader of your blog Millie, I love it. But thought I should take the time to say this post definitely influenced my a─ôsop deodorant purchase, so thank you girl! B x


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