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I've never done a haul post before but with a loaded Uniicard ready to go and a promise of 7% cashback of what I spent, it made sense for me to go splurge the funds that Uniicard had so generously offered me there, rather than more sensibly on food shops for a couple of weeks.

So, why Uniicard rather than any other debit card? Firstly, it is prepaid so, if you're lucky enough to have your parents helping you out while you are studying, they can load money onto your card easily from home - words that bring glory to my ears, what with having been a perpetual student. Plus, it means you can budget a lot more easily without the fear of going overdrawn.

And did I mention the cashback? Money for spending money? Now that's something I'm down with. While you can use your uniicard in all places accepting Visa, not all places offer the cash back reward. Retailers do include Topshop, Topman, Wagamama, Boots and many others.

You can shop my Topshop haul that I bought (and earned money back from) with my Uniicard below.

Disclaimer: This post was written in collaboration with, but not sponsored by, Uniicard.


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