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Hands up who's still in the New Year, new you vibe? Or have you all fallen off the health wagon by now? I hope not because Nutribullet and I have got just the thing you need.

I heard about the Nutribullet a little while ago through a friend who told me about her ridiculously easy new juicer, which wasn't exactly a juicer at all. Being as lazy as I am, the Nutribullet sounded ideal so, I looked it up online and have wanted one ever since. It turns out that she was right too - Nutribullets aren't juicers - they are 'nutrition extractors' that break down fruit and vegetables to their most digestible form, meaning that the juice is easily absorbed, with none of the original nutrients having been lost.

Much to the delight of my flat mates and I, the Nutribullet comes with three cups, one tall and two small plus two resealable lids. I've used mine a few times now and it really is as easy as it looks. You literally shove everything and anything you fancy drinking in, add a little water, twist on the extracting blade (it comes with a blade for dry products also) then place the cup on the base. You push it down into place and there you have it. You take it off the base and turn it upside down before removing the blade (obviously), which you replace with a lid.

I have to apologise for the colour of my juice featured above - it was a new recipe (read I just threw a lot of random ingredients together and hoped for the best). Much to both my surprise and I'm sure yours too, it tasted really good!


- One bunch of black grapes
- One large handful of spinach
- Juice of half a lemon
- Half a cucumber
- One apple (cored - apple pips are poisonous)
- One dessert spoon of Flaxseed

Good news - I've got three to giveaway to help your kick start into shape. Simply use the form below to enter. I'll also be using Instagram, so make sure to follow me on there. The giveaway is only open to readers in the UK and Ireland. Good luck!

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