28 October 2014

Health & Fitness | Nike Zoom Agility x Barry's Bootcamp

In celebration of Nike's new Zoom Agility workout trainer, I headed down to Chiltern Street to work out with some of London's finest fitness bloggers and journos - obviously totally unprepared for what I had got myself in for.

The class, hosted by Anya Lahri, was such a challenge; from the off it was a high intensity workout that got us bouncing around the room in pairs, squatting against walls while out partner dipped on our thighs and attempting to push over the other mid squat. It was honestly the hardest I've ever worked and my thighs burned for days afterwards. I really couldn't recommend a Barry's Bootcamp Class enough - if it was a little closer to home, I'm certain I'd become some what of an addict.

The Nike Zoom Agility training shoe is one of a kind. It features highly responsive hexagonal pads on the sole of the trainer that provide flexibility during a working; something that is extremely important whether it's training in a class or by yourself, at home in your living room. The Nike Zoom Agility is a game changer; I'm not entirely sure how I survived my LBT and circuit training classes previously.

The Nike Agility Zoom cost £100. You can purchase them here
Catherine Sayer said...

This sounds like fun! I would definitely go to one of these if there were any nearer to me! xx

girlinthelens said...

Looks like so much fun Millie! x


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