15 October 2014

Health & Fitness | Innocent Pressed Juice Debut

Innocent Easy Greens & Skip to the Beet pressed juices*

It's finally happened; staple household smoothie brand Innocent have jumped on the pressed juice band-wagon, debuting their Easy Greens and Skip to the Beet flavours earlier on this month.

Both juices are a blend of vegetables and fruit, made under high pressure at cold temperatures. Easy Greens is made from predominantly apples, combining them with cucumber, celery, spinach, ginger and lime. Skip to the Beet is again for the best part formed from apples, alongside beetroot, carrots, lemon and ginger.

The innocent pressed juices look vibrant and taste fresh - just 150ml of the 330ml bottle offers up one portion of your daily five. Unlike many pressed juices I've tried to date, I didn't feel as if I was having to force myself to drink them just because of their health benefits; if I was to go into Starbucks  (where the juices are being retailed) and was after something cold, I'd certainly pick one of these. The Easy Greens won me over a little more than Skip to the Beet - I'm not an avid beetroot fan so the latter was just a bit too earthy tasting.

Innocent's pressed juices cost £3.99 for 330ml and can be found in Starbucks.
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