30 August 2014

I Wear Clothes | My Mayhem

Vintage top | Topshop Boutique jeans | Steve Madden shoes* 
Chanel bag | Monica Vinader rings* | Nixon watch

Photographs by Hanna Kristina

There's something magical about these Topshop Boutique jeans. They obviously aren't skinny jeans but they aren't entirely boyfriend jean shaped either. They skim the silhouette perfectly, leaving just enough to the imagination. Jeans and heels isn't my go to but that's just one of many firsts this week has included.

I had my first ever personal training session; that might not sound all that scary but honestly, I'm borderline terrified of exercising one on one. I spun a few tunes for the first time at Fashercise's launch party at Boxpark, something I've wanted to do for ages but again, totally terrified of actually carrying out. Doing things for the first time is gut-twistingly nerve wracking, especially when you aren't entirely comfortable doing them but what I realised this week was that being nervous is one of the most positive feelings. Those butterflies mean you're pushing your own boundaries, attempting something new and while it might be daunting, better to throw yourself in at the deep end than regret not doing it! 

Those are my pearls of wisdom for the weekend, get out there and do something you'd rather not - you're so very welcome.


Mid Ayr - My Mayhem (AVIZ Edit)

Mid Ayr is the moniker of Brisbane based singer/songwriter Hugh Middleton. The original is a light, catchy, pick me up sort of track. It's essentially a feel good song that we all need every now and again. It was begging to be remixed into something a little faster with a bit more of a beat. After a short hunt of Soundcloud, I stumbled across the AVIZ edit, where he has done exactly that and what wonders it has worked.

Adorngirl said...

HOT! #thatisall

Kate Wilson said...

you look amazing!

Dominique Audibert said...
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Dominique Audibert said...

Love the combination of ripped jeans and heels, and black and white is aways good :)

Karen Shannon said...
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