12 August 2014

Lifestyle | Amsterdam with iDBus

This is probably one of the most timid Amsterdam photo diaries you've seen to date but on returning to Amsterdam for the forth time with iDBus, there was no inclination to beeline for a coffee shop or ogle at the girls in the windows in the Red Light District. I'm pretty certain they wouldn't appreciate their photo being taken anyway, right?

I've been in love in Amsterdam but never quite in love with Amsterdam and one without the other wasn't quite the same. Nevertheless, a friend and I walked through the canals, lounged in Vondelpark and soaked up the beauty of the architecture and people of the city.

Amsterdam has a lot to offer and the city is quite small, so most activities are walkable. The atmosphere of the city, with its endless bridges over water, wonky buildings and cobbled roads, is enchanting and the dutch people endearing. Whether you're in a hostel or a fancy hotel, there to take advantage of its more passive attitudes or emerge yourself in the culture of the many museums scattered around the city, Amsterdam really does have it all.

Thanks to iDBus for taking us.
Hannah Maloney said...

these photos are amazing! can i ask what camera you use please? thanks :)

hannah xo


Millie Cotton said...

Hey, thanks! I use a canon d100 on manual and edit in photoshop CS6. Millie

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