11 July 2014

Events | Pandora Zodiac Essence Launch

A couple of weeks ago, Pandora held a breakfast at their Marble Arch store to introduce their Essence Zodiac charms and bracelets.

Sophie and I rose bright and early to head to the flagship store. We were promised a marvellous breakfast spread, which is exactly what we were treated to; there were plenty of pancakes with blueberry jam, smoked salmon canapes, croissants and pain au chocolat to be scoffed.

There was a palm reader and we both sat and experienced our futures laid out before us. I'm to have no stability until I hit 33 but money will never be an issue - win some, lose some, right?

The zodiac charms are simple but effective. You pick a bracelet to host your charm on and you can add others from the essence range, beside your zodiac sign charm. There's a huge variety of charms to pick from; Pandora are offering everything from respect to wisdom to freedom. Pandora are enabling you to convey your inner self through delicate charms, for all to see and appreciate.

Head over to Pandora to check out the Essence collection here.
Kate Wilson said...

this sounds amazing! Hope you find some stability haha x

stevenjared0853 said...

Great show! I also had heard about this event. Actually my wife attended this and bought a gorgeous bracelet. I also wanted to join her but had to visit New York for some important corporate events. Anyways, thanks for sharing these photographs!

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