24 July 2014

Music | #WAREHOUSE264VIP | Chvrches @ Somerset House

Most days I never can be certain of what might land in my email inbox. The week before last, a particularly interesting email from Warehouse popped up, with the subject title #Warehouse264VIP.

Call me shallow but most emails encompassing VIP tend to get opened pretty quickly rather than shelving them until later, although most just turn out to be "blah blah has carried/worn blah blah" and get sent straight to the trash. However, this one was different. Warehouse wanted to invite me down to their flagship store to pick an outfit to wear on a sort of date night with their social media manager Lauren to see CHVRCHES at Somerset House, as part of their Summer Series.

So, the following Monday I headed down to the new flagship Warehouse store at 264 Oxford Street. I got taken to the back of the store, just behind the tills, where there's a gorgeous VIP dressing room. It had fruit, croissants and juice all laid out in the huge, sumptuous space. It can be booked free of charge in advance, which is something worth doing if you've a big event to get organised for or you simply want more space.

Lauren and I ran around the store picking up bits to try. Unsurprisingly, my picks all seemed to be of the monochrome variety. I had a bit of a dressing up show and tell and settled on a stunning white, faux leather pinafore dress, a black sweater with organza sleeves and black slip ons that reminded me of the Celine pony hair ones from a while back.

It wasn't until Thursday evening that we were to see CHVRCHES. I had never listened to much of their music before so I tried to swat up a little bit before the show. Lauren and I went for Wagamamas pre-show, eating so much that I wasn't even certain I'd be able to stand, let alone dance! We arrived just in time for CHVRCHES and we huddled into the pit to take some snaps for the first few songs.

Firstly, who knew that the trio were Glaswegian? I certainly didn't. Secondly, CHVRCHES absolutely blew me away live. Lauren Mayberry's vocals are a little sickly sweet recorded but live, they're powerful and if anything a little overwhelming. I was expecting the crowd to be full of fan girl teenagers but it was quite the opposite; thirty year old men, beers in hand, were swaying and singing along all around me.

We ended the evening with a little dance in a cordoned off tent area at the back of Somerset House, where we bumped into Lauren briefly - who is breathtakingly beautiful, just fyi - and watched some girls nearly bringing down the tent by gyrating on the poles holding it up. What a Thursday!

Thanks to Lauren from Warehouse for taking me and Somerset House for having us.
Kate Wilson said...

great photos x

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