19 July 2014

I Wear Clothes | Don't You Find

ASOS Crop Top | Monki Trousers | Topshop Slides | Grafea Rucksack* via Coggles
Pandora Zodiac Essence Bracelet* & Pearl Stacking Ring* | Monica Vinader stacking rings*

Photographs by Sophie Garrett

I've never been one for having emotional heart to hearts openly but after a while of things not going quite to plan and feeling a little lost career-wise - plus I'm writing this slightly weary at 1am - I figured maybe it's time to give it a go and while I've always been against internet over shares, perhaps a small insight into the qualms behind the blog are okay, just this once.

I put on this outfit, felt like it looked good, wore it around and we shot some photos. But the reality of getting home and looking at those photos was something else. Feeling out of shape in the summer is awful. Then having to put photos of yourself up on the internet really becomes somewhat of a challenge mentally. It doesn't have to be done, I hear you, but it's got me this far and I wouldn't change anything.

So, even though I nearly didn't post these photos because I'm so unhappy with the way they turned out, I realised I owed it to myself and to everyone who reads my blog to document what I feel needs changing so hopefully, I can look back in a few months and be aware of any achievements rather than just shelving these things.

While what bloggers do seems relatively easy and there's the impression that we mostly have pretty ridiculous and great lives (I'm not disagreeing, I do things I could have never dreamed of most days), there's a huge amount of pressure to keep up and right now, I feel like I'm falling behind in every aspect. Success is relative; when you are surrounded by wonderful, extremely successful and creative people all day, everyday, there's no doubt of the positive effect and influence they have on you to work harder and create better content but there are some days when it is hard not to find it disheartening.

I'm sure I'm just on a bit of holiday come down (yes, it really was that good) but maybe it's exactly what I needed to make me realise that I need to try to work a bit harder to take every thing that I do to the next level. I'm not exactly sure what that means and a few clear cut goals are probably needed but cheers for hearing me out, sometimes it really does help to get these things down on paper/shared with a tonne of people on the internet - a problem shared is a problem halved, right?


Jamie T - Don't You Find

My teenage love for Jamie T, which has continued to blossom into my early twenties, is like no other. Jamie T saw me and pretty much every teenager through our ups and our downs, our break ups, our heartaches and our formative moments.

In all honesty, Don't You Find is a bit naff but I have this weird loyalty to Jamie T that I can't seem to shake. His off key lyrics, which aren't quite sung but aren't exactly spoken either, have always had an underlying rawness about them and Don't You Find is no different in that respect.

While the teenage days of drinking cider in the basement and shouting every lyric of Sheila and So Lonely Was The Ballad at the top of our lungs are long gone, I'm looking forward to hearing the rest of what he's got to offer from his comeback.

As well as his new track, I picked some old Jamie T favourites to share, just in case you fancy a reminisce under the sun this weekend.

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laura rogan said...

Loving those trousers!

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