22 July 2014

Events | Bed Head @ Boxpark

Thursday night saw a flock of beauty bloggers and the fashion crew migrate east, to pop up mall Boxpark in Shoreditch, for the launch party of their pop up salon. I kicked things off with having my hair styled in the new space, which is one of the most innovative salons I've seen around in a while. The walls were concrete, with product lined along the one to your left, and even though the space was quite cosy, there was a relaxed vibe about it.

I was taken under the wing of two extremely attractive stylists and as I looked around, I realised all of the Bed Head stylists were attractive, dressed beautifully and were equally as charming with their customers leaving me wondering whether there are some shifty CV requirements for Bed Head -  just kidding!

My stylists brushed out my hair and using a Babyliss curling wand, and spraying in a setting spray first, they created some tight curls. One of them saw my facial expression go from relaxed to undeniably worried so, he told me not to worry and reassured me that weren't going to let me walk out with "barbie curls". Once all of the curls were in place, they then brushed them out, leaving me with wavy and wild locks.

One of the stylists beelined me to the booth with him, where we took a few funny photos that were broadcast upstairs to the party - I had no idea until we headed up to the deck and regrettably saw my face staring back at me from behind the bar.

It was a really fun event - thanks Bed Head for inviting me down!
Longwell Kort said...

The manager was excellent and was able to help us enormously in structuring the flow/feel of the events in New York. He and his staff did an excellent job and exceeded our expectations.

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