25 July 2014

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adidas Energy Boost (in 'Cool White')*

While I was out yesterday, the new adidas Energy Boost landed on my doorstep and even though I was at events until late, I had to get out to check them out as soon as I got in. I've tried and tested all of the Boost running shoes that they've launched so far and even though they did the job as a running shoe, I preferred my Nike Lunars and always found myself loyally returning to them. That is until now.

On first glance the adidas Energy Boost is aesthetically sleek, especially in the 'Cool White' colour way. The white midsole is made up of thousands of of small energy capsules, formed from blowing up solid granular material (TPU) but let's get back to talking appearance - its almost polystyrene looking material makes for an interestingly textured midsole - you all know how I feel about texture by now. The breathable mesh body is interrupted by the acclaimed adidas three stripes in patent black, breaking up that fresh white colour way.

So, how do they hold up once you hit the pavement? Well, the running shoe feels extremely lightweight thanks to the mesh body. Unlike many lightweight running shoes, the support of the adidas Energy Boost isn't at all compromised. My feet felt cushioned, supported and easy to pick up all at the same time plus there was a great return on each step; it's seriously no easy feat to find all of these properties simultaneously in a running shoe.

I've found running a little harder in the recent soaring London temperatures but the Energy Boost literally added a spring back into my step. I ran each kilometre around 10 seconds faster than I've run recently, and this run was at the end of a long day in which I had already worked out in the gym for an hour.

While, I probably wouldn't have recommended the previous two adidas Boost models that the brand previously released, as they were a little heavy on foot and the response from the sole didn't outweigh how much the running shoes weighed down your stride, I would definitely recommend the new adidas Energy Boost. I can't comment on whether or not they'd be suitable for pro runners, as I'm nowhere near that level of runner, but for runners like myself, who run as a hobby a few times a week, at a distance of between 5k - 15k at a time, they are a certainly a running shoe you should keep in mind when you go to purchase new running shoes

The new adidas Energy Boost are available at adidas online from July 28th priced £120.
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