22 July 2014

Music | Preview | RSVP: CONS Project LDN Closing Party w/ Mount Kimbie

Converse announced Mount Kimbie as the closing act for their CONS Project London closing party, which will take place on July 31st. CONS Project London has seen ten weeks of talks, live music and exhibitions at Copeland Gallery in Peckham, in hope of inspiring the next generation of creatives through art, music, style and skate. 

CONS have explored London noises from over the past 20 years with their host of 'Journey Through LDN Sounds' party series. 001 presented jungle, drum & bass and garage pioneers with Fabio & Grooverider, Scott Garcia and Zed Bias. I was away so didn't manage to catch that party but I did make it down to 002 - the best of UK dubstep and grime with Hatcha and T-Williams. This party was a good one; the space is small, temperatures were high and mad shapes were all being thrown around the dance floor.

The third and final party explores the future sounds of London and I can't think of a better choice than Mount Kimbie, with their Peckham roots and unprecedented sound. This is a party you don't want to miss and you can RSVP to attend here for free.

See you there!

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