22 June 2014

I Wear Clothes | In Collaboration | Footlocker #Untouchable

ASOS Playsuit* | Nike Air Force 1s* | Mulberry Del Ray | UO Cap

Photographs by Sophie Garrett

Another day, another pair of Nikes. When Footlocker offered up a collaboration project to showcase their new White Collection, I jumped at the chance to feed my obsession. The White Collection is a curation of all key trainer classics from the biggest brands such as Nike, Adidas, Converse and many more.

I'm a AM1 girl through and through but I decided to switch it up and picked a pair of fresh white Air Force 1s. If you've got baby feet like mine, you can pick up a junior pair for £40, which is mad. In all honesty, I was a little dubious of the style at first but after giving them a couple of chances, I'm fell hard and fast in love with the AF1s. I've kept them pretty clean this far and fingers crossed that's how they stay.

Footlocker and The Apartment joined forces to film a few bloggers prancing about London, getting us to open up on our favourite places, experiences and things we love about our city. Have a watch and get to know a little more about me - it's all fun and games. Giggling and dancing around London like a bit of a nutter seem to be my forte. 
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