10 June 2014

Events | 55DSL x APN Collaboration Party

A little while back, 55DSL and APN threw a party in Dalston to launch their one of a kind longboard collaboration project, undertaken in celebration of 55DSL's 20th anniversary. With the revival of the sportswear trend, fashion and sport have become a regular pair making the collaboration between 55DSL and the British cruiser board brand a perfect one.

We arrived to a dark Hoxton Gallery full of cool East London kids, knocking back beers and appreciating the special edition longboards stuck on one wall and selected stills featuring the boards in motion by Ollie Groves on another. The 20 sustainable birch and mahogany boards measure a fitting 55 inches each - smart stuff, hey?

A short while into the celebrations, the team entered with stacks of fish and chips. We happily tucked in until we were nursing a fish, chip and beer belly. For the first time in what seems like a short age, we stayed until the very end of the party, chatting in the courtyard and dancing in the galley. The clock hit midnight and much to our dismay, the guys on the door kindly asked us all to leave and continue the party elsewhere which, surprisingly for once, we didn't!
Kate Wilson said...

looks great fun x

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