29 May 2014

Events | Ralph Lauren Spring '14 Show At Abbey Road Studios

Ella & I bowing out
Ralph Lauren swung back to the sixties for his latest offering and what better way place to celebrate then host a party in the very place where legendary British bands The Beatles and Pink Floyd recorded their album. Tottering across Abbey Road's crossing, interrupting many a tourist attempting to recreate The Beatles' renowned Abbey Road album cover, I knew we were in for a good night.

Walking down the corridor to the studio where the party was being held - the one The Beatles recorded almost of of their albums in, fyi - there was an overwhelming sense of British pride that flooded over Ella and I. Ralph Lauren had succumbed to leaving all American at the door and what was left was quintessentially best of the British.

Little had been touched in the studio by the Ralph Lauren team except a magnificent bouquet of flowers centre back and needn't have been, a quick glance around the studio allowed easy imagination of those magic moments back in the sixties. A marvellous stood bar in the corner offering champagne alongside Penny Lane Plum and McCartney Mule cocktails.

A quick glance around the studio saw the room filled wall to wall with today's British talent. During the show I found myself nudging Ella and whispering, "Isn't that Tom Odell opposite?" to which in our cringy, borderline fan-girl moment she turned back and mouthed back "Oh my God. We've got to meet him."

And the clothes themselves? Each look that came down the stairs would have me proud hanging in my wardrobe. A monochrome geometric, two piece fell short at the thigh and was met by knee highs and a matching evening bag. The monochrome theme was interrupted by a mini shift dress, in the brightest shade of green, high at the neck and falling many inches short of the knee. It been a while since I saw a flare but Ralph Lauren kept them coming in a pinstripe, in plain and in pattern.

While I can't speak for everyone, I'm going to anyway - there's no doubt that in between the flowing champagne, great conversation among tunes by a wonderful live band, a great evening was had by all! 
Kate Wilson said...

great pictures x

Amanda Couzens-Davies said...

Wow this sounds and looks like an AMAZING event! You might like some of my luxe lifestyle posts! http://thisluxlife.com/ xxx

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