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Photographs shot with the HP Slate 10* and edited in Photoshop CS6

It's been a while since I've taken any street style photos and honestly, walking up to strangers and asking to take their photo hasn't gotten any less daunting. HP set me on a challenge to photograph others with a Slate 10 tablet, cue me growing a pair and heading to the courtyard in between classes at Central Saint Martins to capture some of the UK's finest art and design students. For me, studying amongst some incredibly talented and stylish people at St Martins seems pretty damn lucky; I live in hope that the coolness others carry will rub off simply walking our corridors. 

Let me put my St Martins crush on hold and get back to the HP Slate 10 tablet. Even though I've edited the photographs I took a fair amount, I was both surprised and wowed by the quality of the camera and the pictures I captured. It's simple to use too, which makes it that little bit more attractive. For me though, my favourite thing about the table is the internet that is comes with on purchase; you get 250mb per month for the first two years! 

Disclaimer: I was gifted the HP Slate 10 but this post was not sponsored by HP.


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