29 April 2014

I Wear Clothes | Children of Love

Swapping up slides and trainers is no easy feat when you have feet as tragically flat and wide as mine but every now and again, it makes a nice change to add a few inches. Topshop have delivered the jumpsuit of dreams for SS14; it even comes in both black and white, which makes it that little bit more accessible for everyone too. From the waist up, it fits like a glove. Waist down, the silhouette is looser, the trouser legs skim the thighs and hang freely to the floor.

I imagine this jumpsuit will hang in my wardrobe for some time to come. It was inexpensive, yet it is a timeless, fuss-free piece that can, and should, be worn over and over again - surprise, most of us do actually wear things more than just the once. I'll get back to you on its the durability though.

Topshop jumpsuit | DKNY beanie | vintage Chanel handbag  
Steve Madden heels* | Weekday necklace

Photographs by Hanna Kristina

Children of Love is the genius work of Cologne born and bred Paji, a producer, composer and violinist each in their own right. Paji began on his musical journey as a young child. Paji explored his early passion for classical music, learning a variety of musical instruments but discovered a finesse for violin and trained classically at Rhenish Music School Cologne. 

Paji has explored combining a variety of musical styles and it is this that makes him unique. Children of Love is a spectacular amalgamation of mellow beats and synths, singular piano notes and a rich violin melody that weaves in and out of the track. Paji has made a video that gives an incredible impression of Paji producing and playing the song, it's well worth checking out too.

Kate Wilson said...

gorgeous outfit! x

Milex said...

Hell yeah!

laura rogan said...

Love love love, that jumpsuit is gorgeous!
The Fashion Wonderland

The Style Box said...

That jumpsuit is perfect on you! I've never tried a jumpsuit but would love to give one a whirl (although probably not white because that's doomed for failure with a 6 month old!)

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