6 April 2014

Music | Ibiza 2014

I've wanted to visit and experience Ibiza for many years now and what with First Choice's holiday deals, I might just see it through this Summer. With average temperatures hitting between 28°C - 31°C during the summer months and it being just a few hours away by plane, Ibiza is the perfect package. 

There's more to it than first meets the eye. Yes, you head to Ibiza to get a little merry and throw some crazy shapes around some ridiculously expensive club dance floors but let's not forget the beautiful white beaches, the clear blue sea and a vast range of activities open to you to complete while on the island. For the big kids of us all, there's the Aguamar Water Park to keep you busy; you'll find the standard Black Hole that will whirl you into darkness and a vertical slide of doom that's reserved for the dare devils. For the more cultured of us, there are the C'an Marca Caves that cost only a few euros to walk around to soak up old pirate tales amongst a laser light show and a trance soundtrack - well, it is still Ibiza after all.

For all you party-goers, Ocean Beach Ibiza is holding Poolside Sessions all summer that are guaranteed to provide a good time. Kicking off on the first Friday of May, the party is free and ticketless - they only ask that you rock up in your finest swimwear with your party hat on. Located on the beachfront on San Antonio, the perfect soundtrack to summer will be provided by resident DJ Tom Crane; you'll find the 600 square metre swimming pool strobes to the beat of the music. 

Mixmag attended Ocean Beach Ibiza's launch a while back, writing "regardless of the scattered affluence and silicone enhancements that were on show, the atmosphere inside the orange tinted venue was surprisingly relaxed. Unlike some of the other shoreline venues on the island, the vibe inside Ocean Club felt totally unpretentious, while the staff were dressed like human beings rather than vicious mercenaries."
"The animated crowd, which included workers and VIPs, drank mojitos, splashed about in the pool and stomped around to an educated assortment of Balearic house tunes that poured out of the excellent Void loudspeaker system like fine wine from a bottle. Then, after midnight, we were transferred into the classy Pearl Restaurant which was suddenly alive with underground tech-house beats."
Now that doesn't sound half bad, does it? Other Ibiza highlights this summer fall to Sankey's opening party on May 22nd. Steve Aoki is headlining Pacha May 28th, with David Guetta taking on the following night; you'll find these two every Wednesday and Thursday night for most of the season. Check out the entire Ibiza 2014 events calendar here, and enjoy!

This post was written in collaboration with First Choice.
Gina said...

love ibiza, such a fun holiday www.thewanderlusthasgotme.blogspot.co.uk

Kate Wilson said...

i've always wanted to go to ibiza! x

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