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Weekday underwear & necklace | Guess heels*

If someone asked you at this very moment to take off all of your clothes, what would you be left with? 

I went to Copenhagen a few weeks ago and the first thing we hunted out was Weekday. I've been an online window shopper for some time but never having ordering anything because of uncertainty of cut and fit, I was in my element when we finally found the store. 

Limited shopping funds meant a toss up between a jumper or this underwear set and after weighing up the pros and cons of adding yet another jumper to my mile high collection, underwear seemed a much better choice. 

However unlikely it may be that someone will ask you to strip down, no matter where you are and what time, it's important that you wouldn't be embarrassed to do so. It's no secret that good underwear is the best foundation for a great outfit. 


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