31 March 2014

Music | 90 Songs For 90s Kids

I turned 23 at the weekend and ended my birthday with a recital of Blink 182's What's My Age Again - you know, the one where it goes "nobody likes you when you're 23" - with friends. 23 is the weirdest age I've turned to date. There's no longer the prospect of clinging on to 21 that there was when you hit 22. Your next big birthday is 30, and although there were conversations at the weekend of our generation peaking at 30, the idea of 30 for me is akin to a 13 year old contemplating turning 18; it seems distant and pretty terrifying. While inevitable, there's certainly some self-pretence that I'll never turn 30.

And with imminent ageing in mind, it makes no most sense to reverse time and reflect on childhood. Growing up in the 90s was fortunate. We were born before major developments in technology had happened, yet we've still been able to reap the benefits. Our childhoods were not consumed by the internet; We still knew how to draw from our imaginations rather than copying a picture from a google search. We read real books, with pages, not tablets. We had Walkmans and cassettes that we recorded the Top 40 onto every week. These evolved into Discmans, which we desperately tried to cram and carry around in pockets.

Anyway, less of the 90s kid pretentious vibes. Here are some old time favourites to stir up your childhood nostalgia and teenage angst.

Cube and Gold said...

I just turned 23 as well and I totally relate to this post, perfect way to describe this strange new age! XXX Ali


Lauren said...

I'm 25 and feel so grateful for my 90s childhood! x

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