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Timberland Black Deering Cupsole Boot* (exclusive to Office)

Photographs by Hanna Kristina

Forget the Spice Girls, growing up was all about dressing in homage to All Saints; specifically Nicole Appleton in her baggy denim jeans tucked into Timbs. If they were good enough for her, they were good enough for my 9 year old self, although be it in classics in pink (very little has changed, clearly). And with the birth of 90s hip-hop culture, Timberland boomed and have since transcended seasonal trends year after year with their iconic 6" boot.  

Word on the street is that Timberlands are back with a bang; Cara's got 'em, as has Rihanna. Even Queen Bey instagrammed a Carter family photo back at the end of Summer, featuring her sky-high style, baby Blue's miniatures and Jay-Z's long term favourite classics. 

This coming Spring - the few days we saw a couple of weeks back that quickly morphed back into winter do not count, sorry - sees the classic Timberland style updated. The 6" boot silhouette has been transformed by black nubuck and the cupsole is found in the most vivid of pinks; you'll never be lost in crowd, that's for certain. Find me a comfier shoe, I dare you.

This post was written in collaboration with Timberland. The pink cupsole Deering boots can be found exclusively at Office.


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