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I've found my key Spring pieces; there's little surprise that they are all leather and lacking any sort of print. Unfortunately, in place of the much desired Celine pool slides that we're all after are some of the Topshop variety. There's actually nothing unfortunate about them. At £25, they're a bargain and I'm loving every minute spent in them, especially with the resurfacing sun we've been seeing over the past week. 

And let's talk about this Grafea rucksack. Have you ever seen anything quite so perfect? The leather is a beautifully minimal white, which quite honestly has me terrifie every time I've used it - I haven't let that stop me though obviously. 

I've been doing a lot of panic eBay selling over recent weeks but it has done me the world of good; a Spring clean seems to be completely underrated by my age group. Let's all do out with the clutter, the things we haven't used in months yet are holding on to and hoarding. Let's filter out the crap, leaving us with our most prized possessions. After all, everyone knows that less is more. 


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