5 March 2014

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Clinique Nail Enamel: room service* | peek a boo I see you* | birthday suit* | pajama party*

Clinique moisture surge CC cream* | superprimer* | chunkiest chilli intense chubby stick* | graped-up chubby stick*

Clinique has been a part of my skin care regime, in some variety or another, since the day I began any sort of skin care. What began with moisturising my face in the morning with Clinique's Dramatically Different moisturising lotion soon evolved into the 3-step skin care at day and night. I'm not entirely sure that I can entirely owe my acne-free teenage years to Clinique but the skin care certainly did play a part in keeping my skin clear. 

As the time has gone flown by, my skin care regime has unfortunately gotten a little lazy. I use a Garnier make up removing cleanser, Aesop in the shower and I like to mix it up daily on the moisturiser front. My skin has become so sensitive that if something even mildly irritates it, it will take a couple of weeks to repair the damage. So, whatever help I can get packed into my makeup is an added bonus and there's where Clinique comes in. 

The superprimer contains colour correcting properties; being used to transparent primers, the dark colour worried me a little upon my first application but I haven't looked back since. My skin becomes a delightfully silky smooth texture, perfectly prepared for foundation to glide on. 

I had never used a CC, or even a BB, cream before. Honestly, I was baffled by the BB, CC thing but since being kindly send the cream by Clinique, I haven't touched my Bobbi Brown foundation, which previously, I was getting through a bottle every 6 weeks on average - I really don't wear a lot of make up either. 

I'd prevously heard rave reviews of the chubby sticks before getting my hands on either the moisturising lip colour balm or the slightly newer, more intense versions. The crayon style with the twist-up feature make them more interesting aesthetically than normal lip sticks and balms, plus none is wasted through sharpening but you can still manage an accurate application without lipliner. The original chubby sticks are great for a more natural, day-time colour than the intense chubby sticks but both are equally as moisturising. 

Stating the obvious, Clinique makes great, but simple, skin care and make up for those who are after a more natural finish. I can't speak for us all but I for one am in. 
Anonymous said...

Clinique CC's cream is one of the thickest on the markets, and does not look very natural. You really should not be praising a product, just because you were given it for free. There are much better CC/BB creams on the market, and Clinique also has much better products to review.

Also if your skin was sooooo "sensitive", you could never use Garnier, because they have a lot of irritants in their products. If your skin was really *that* sensitive, you would be washing your face with aqueous cream & could not use various different products.

Millie Cotton said...

Even though my skin is very sensitive to different things, Garnier is the only thing that removes my make up entirely and doesn't irritate my skin. I'm usually more prone to buying more expensive skincare products and only ended up trying it at a friend's as a last resort and for some reason, it just seems to work. Yes, I suffer from ezcema but aqueous cream makes my face sweat and my make up run. When I say a variety of moisturisers, I use Clinique, Aesop and Elizabeth Arden, all of which are wonderful (yet painfully expensive) brands.

I'm quite offended by your comment that I'm praising Clinique because I was given it for free. I'm given many products for free, which if I don't like I don't post about - I do not treat my blog as a space for for slating products, more a space to praise and recommend what I admire. Maybe there are better CC or BB creams but I haven't tried any others except a Rimmel one, which I hated.

Cheers for taking your valuable time to pass on your thoughts though!

Kate Wilson said...

I love cliniques products, especially their face soaps and moisterisers! x

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