11 March 2014

Health & Fitness | Bumpkin Notting Hill

Those of you who follow me over on Instagram and Twitter have probably realised by now that I've taken up running. To cut a long story short, Nike challenged me to take part in their We Own The Nike women's 10K that takes place in May and I agreed - never having been able to run for longer than five minutes, it's been a shock to the system.

Perhaps this is stating the obvious, but training has made me realise that you need to really take good care of your body when attempting to physically push it further than normal. You need to eat well to nourish your body so it repairs and strengthens. 

So, when eating out I've been looking to those restaurants that offer up healthier options. The first I found was Bumpkin in Notting Hill. The restaurant sits in a huge town house with up a several floors that contain a variety of dining areas and private rooms, decorated to perfection. 

The Super Healthy Options Menu was created in collaboration with health coach and foodie Julie Montagu. The menu offers raw juices, soups and salads, most of which are gluten free and vegan if that's what you fancy. There's also the option to add prawns and chicken to your salad though. All of the ingredients are sourced from British fields and allotments too. 

Even though the juices sounded delicious, when I tried out Bumpkin with a friend, I had just finished my juice diet and was quite frankly done with juice for a while, no matter how tasty they may have been. I chose a salad that was a mix of 'torched' garden vegetables, tomatoes and kale, plus I chose to add prawns. It was delicious but I could have eaten double the amount I was given. Putting my larger than life appetite aside, the salad, which cost £13, could have been a little more generous - it was quite a hefty price for a salad containing only three or four prawns. 

We left feeling light - both stomachs and wallets. I'd go back but I'd probably cave and go for a pie and mash, or something equally as excessive, and get a little more bang for my buck so to speak. 

You can find Bumpkin at 209 Westbourne Park Rd, W11 1EA and various other locations. 
Kate Wilson said...

that salad looks delicious! x

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