8 February 2014

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Juice cleansing is no longer just a fad. What began as a celebrity craze has trickled slowly down into the daily routines of a huge volume of people. I read on The Guardian that Lakeland reported a 4000% increase in the sales of juicers. The health benefits of juicing are undeniable. I'm not talking your average apple or orange juice though obviously - think more along the lines of spinach, broccoli and kale, perhaps with a hint of lemon or ginger to add an extra kick to the flavour. 

After months of consuming endless amounts of junk, I finally decided that enough was enough and began the hunt on a cleanse that would give me a shove in the right direction and help to kick start a much healthier lifestyle. 

I stumbled across Soulmatefood and they seemed like the perfect fit as not only do they offer a standard fruit cleanse, which is available as a slightly easier alternative for beginners, they offer the Perfect Cleanse. Although I was a complete novice to juicing, I chose the Soulmatefood Perfect Cleanse because it is hydrostatic and therefore loose no nutritional value during the process of breaking down the vegetables into juices. Also, I may have a sweet tooth but I'm not sure I could have coped with three days of sweet juice.

I decided a weekend where I knew I could spend a lot of the time indoors working, rather than a weekday where I would be mainly out of the house, would be best so I began my cleanse on a Friday through to the Monday. I'd definitely advise this as the last thing you want to be doing is lugging around bottles of juice all day.

The first day was a bit of a shock to say the least. Never before has vegetable juice touched my lips so to have nothing but that, while finding some of the flavours a little overwhelming, was certainly a challenge. I also had a party to go to and being stuck drinking water wasn't ideal but it wasn't as torturous as expected either. The second day was the worst day for me. I began to get ill with a cold so any benefits I may have seen myself reaping were overpowered. Surprisingly I never felt hungry throughout besides a slight pang towards the middle of my third day.  

I wish I was in the position to reveal wonderful feelings of energy and health but becoming ill during my Soulmatefood cleanse masked the health kick I was expecting. However, the cleanse has done what I set out for it to do. It shifted a few pounds and retrained my eating habits so I have less desire to eat junk and I'm enjoying vegetables and fruit more than ever before.

At £195, the Soulmatefood cleanse is expensive but the ease of not having to buy, measure and juice your own ingredients makes it worth it. Would I do it again? Definitely. In fact, I'm intending to juice one day a week from now on and would highly recommend doing so to everyone.

The Soulmatefood Perfect Cleanse Breakdown

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