13 January 2014

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This post would have probably been a little more relevant at the start of the New Year, yet I purposefully left this until later. 

Many people treat New Year as the new beginning that they've been waiting for all year to change the flaws they don't like about themselves. I'm sitting here wondering just how many people have resisted breaking their resolutions they made only a couple of weeks ago. 

Every Monday morning I sit down at my desk and draw up two pages of my Moleskine notebook. One with a 'To Do' list for the week, the other with 'Goals'. The first list is for dull chores such as remembering to pay bills or scheduling gym trips. The latter is the one that I ponder over for some time each Monday; what do I want from the week ahead, what is it that I want to achieve? I've been doing this for a few months now and it works. The Mondays I've missed tend to have an unproductive week to show for them. Not only is it wholly rewarding to be able to tick off lists but it enables me to look back and see just how much I have. and can, accomplish in such a short amount of time. 

I'd certainly recommend taking time out to sit and think about what is it you desire, whether it is realistic, and if it is, how you are going to go about making it happen. If you want to make a change, any hour of any day will do. 
Jade Lambourne said...

Love this, I do the same!

Francesca Succi said...

I love this post!

Its just me !! said...

I'm going to try this

Its just me !! said...

I'm going to try this as I love a list !! Sounds like a fab idea ...?

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