23 January 2014

I Wear Clothes | Mind Games

Review coat | Missguided playsuit* | Mulberry handbag | Nike trainers

Photographs by Hanna Kristina

The female body never gets a rest in media. What with Lena Dunham featured on Vogue's cover and Mindy Kaling on Elle's, the past couple of weeks have been interesting for speculation. Both covers feature close head shots and make of that what you will - or have a read of Leandre Medine's post on the matter. Before I had read her post, I thought of Lena's cover as just another Vogue cover-up. When the subject isn't of supermodel stature, the obvious option for Vogue is often to disappointingly crop out any imperfections. Leandre is right though; women buy Vogue because they are buying into the dream of bodies of perfection, expensive clothing and personal improvement. Vogue is a method of escapism for many and although there are many issues surrounding photoshopping women to perfection, that is not what has happened with Lena on this month's Vogue cover. Yes, a small amount of photoshopping has taken place and Lena looks great. If she's happy with the outcome, then who are we to judge?

And while we are on the subject of female bodies and Lena Dunham, I want to talk breasts. Girls has left most of us just as familiar with Lena's breasts as we are with our own. We all have them yet breasts are arguably the least fashionable accessory you can have in the industry. We can look to Victoria Beckham as a prime example. Remember when her melon shaped breasts, sat firmly under her chin (click through for a refresher) like half moons illuminating out of her low cut dress? But then she went all fashion on us and ditched the double-Ds. Jourdan Dunn provides another case for thought; the British model was famously booted from the Dior Haute Couture show last season because her breasts were too large. 

I'm not talking mega-jugs or mosquito bites here; I'm thinking of those little bit larger of breasts. When did they become so out of fashion that those of us with a little more to love up top feel the need to cover up entirely. I'm a firm believer that when done with taste, a small glimpse of a larger breast can be just as 'fashion'. My outfit above is hopefully proof of the pudding.

And let's skip to the music. Pedestrian's back with a creditable remix of Jon Phonics' Mind Games. Sit back and have a listen to the skittish melody. Ghostly Tabanca vocals layered upon the orchestral-jungle vibe make for a unique track - you can't not fall in love with this one.

Garance Désirée said...

Love love love what you're saying ! It's so difficult to get the "right" look when you have a "larger" breast.

Katie Z said...

wow love that playsuit x

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Gemma Talbot said...

Love your playsuit! It looks great paired with your air max trainers for a sport luxe feel x


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