15 December 2013

Music | Sunday Soundtrack

Sivu - I Lost Myself (Pedestrian Remix)

First introduced to Pedestrian when he collaborated with all time favourite Maribou State a while back, the electronic master has delivered again with this remix of Sivu's I Lost Myself. Pedestrian has done out with the acoustic of the original and in with the dark synths and mysterical, warped vocals. What we are left with is an intricate and creatively progressive track from the producer, yet there's still the feeling that Pedestrian's best is yet to come.

Charlie Bwoy Harvey - Built to Last (produced by Kadugodi)

Earlier this year I chatted to Kadugodi, one of the freshest producers on the scene. Not yet out of his music technology degree, it has been a quiet few months for Eliot Shiner but he's back with a banger. Built To Last sees Charlie Bwoy Harvey's hip hop lyrics layered over a unique melody and tinny beat. Short and sweet, it gives a taste of Shiner's capability, leaving me that little but more thirsty for his forth coming EP.

Ellie Goulding - How Long Will I Love You (Henry Krinkle Bootleg)

This track should come with a warning; it's not for the broken hearted - unless listening to music that will only provoke those feelings while moping around is your thing, of course. The track is slow to start but when the beat kicks in a little while on, Ellie Goulding's soft, choppy vocals - although a very small sample from the original - will make you want to sit back and soak up the beautifully mellow ambience Krinkle has created.

Pretty Lights - One Day They'll Know (Odesza remix)

Whatever Seattle duo Odesza touch turns golden and this remix of Pretty Light's One Day They'll Know is no different. Less focus falls to instrumental elements and the dubstep drops have been removed completely, leaving the track a little lighter than the original, which is easy on the ear and makes for a much more pleasant listen.

Jon Hopkins - Collider

You'll want to crank this one up from the off - there's no other way to listen. Hopkins premiered the video from the track, which features on his album Immunity, via Thump this week.

Director Tom Haines said, "We wanted to create an internal journey, which was unflinching, singular and claustrophobic and at the same time liberating. The video is like a voodoo ceremony, where the lead character dances herself into frenzy, and through the dance gains access to a parallel dimension; it’s her unfurling thoughts, her dislocated mind, and hints at something more apocalyptic - an end game for her and us." Head over to Youtube to watch the video.

Lucia Y said...

Ah you're my saviour. I was actually asking all my friends today for music recommendations because I really need new stuff to listen to
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