11 December 2013

I Wear Clothes | In The Bleak Mid Winter

Topshop skirt & coat | American Apparel sweater | Karl Lagerfeld clutch*
COS boots | Monica Vinader rings*

Photographs by Hanna Kristina

This week many bloggers were left feeling riled by the article posted by The Cut that questioned, "Will Getting Rid of Fashion Bloggers' Return Fashion Week to Its Former Glory?"

Obviously there's point to the article; this season will be my fourth and over those short two years since the first time I set foot in Somerset House, it has been impossible not to notice the change in the volume of people waiting around the courtyard, in somewhat outrageous outfits, waiting to get photographed and into the fashion week street style pages.

The ones that stick in my mind most from last season were the twins who paraded around London Fashion Week, dressed head to toe in identical outfits, insisting they didn't want their photo taken. However, the girls gave in after the tiniest of nudges from a street style photographer, and happily posed for the best of five minutes for other various photographers who happened to walk past.

There are the few bloggers who have become a celebrity in their own right; they slip onto the front row, much to the horror of any editors sat behind. And then that leaves the rest of us.

Journalists who shun bloggers cease to realise how hard bloggers have to work to get a toe in the door at fashion week now. It's not as if there are just a handful of us sending in ticket requests - every other girl you meet has a fashion blog and is probably contacting PRs come February and September.

While a journalist has a publication to their name, we only have ourselves. If we're sitting in that show, we've (mostly) worked our arses off to get there too. We're the ones trying to juggle watching the show, jotting down notes, taking high quality photos on our DSLRs and our phones, while trying to tweet, Instagram and Facebook these, all at the same time. There are no other editors or assistants for us to share out our tasks between. And I'm not even going to start to begin to bring the issue of money into the debate either.

Christian Maden wrote an extremely balanced think piece debating the matter over on i-D. What he discusses is bang on point; the internet is still the future, it has been for some time now and bloggers simply can not be ignored.

Continuing on a Christmas theme our outfit post track is brought to us by Surrey based producer Capeface, who has teamed up with Nests to recreate a Christmas classic. Happy listening.
Jessie Spanswick said...

i TOTALLY agree with you babes. xxx

Megan Ellaby said...

Amazing piece and you have just inspired a new chapter for my uni dissertation on fashion bloggers, THANK YOU SO MUCH!!!

Katie said...

I love what you write every time Millie! Keep working hard xx

Rebecca Parker said...

I completely get where you're coming from. I'm a journalism student but I also love blogging and I understand how hard it is for bloggers! xx

Kristabel Plummer said...

What people need to realise is that many bloggers are not complete randoms, but wanted to work in fashion anyway. Bloggers work hard too, they may not be getting paid, but many are proactive in trying to experience shows and cover them and hoping it will lead somewhere. I think a lot of the popular bloggers, who site front row and just instagram the shows will still be invited, purely because of social followings. For the rest of us who are unseen and tarred with the 'blogger' brush, well it remains to be seen. I think the main thing is to build relationships wth brands all year round, not just twice a year.

Sindy Ng said...

completely agree, bloggers work their butts off! x

Adora Mehitabel said...

Love the white on white

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