3 December 2013

Events | A Mulberry Christmas Fairy Tale

There's little that can drag me out of bed at 6am on a Monday morning, aside from breakfast at Claridges, followed by a ride in the Harrods bus to see their Christmas windows unveiled, of course.

Many moons ago, the excitement on the bus at the beginning of a school trip was always in the air, and the Harrods bus trip with our bacon butties in hand, was certainly reminiscent of those childhood times. Obviously, there were no squabbles as to the back row this time around though.

As we hopped off the bus, we were treated to a rendition of Christmas carols outside the magnificent windows, which had been revealed just before we arrived. And what a sight it was! The Harrods windows had been transformed by British art director and set designer Shona Heath into a Mulberry fairy tale of snow-covered woodland scattered with deers, squirrels and other adorable woodland creatures. In place of prominence is a mysterious and magical Mulberry tree surrounded by Mulberry's iconic Bayswater and Lily bags in a festive red. 

After having been suitably transfixed by the windows for a while, we were ushered inside where we found another breakfast waiting for us - although, this time of the champagne variety. As my friend Ella said at the time, it's always 5pm somewhere, right? 

There had been whispers of a Downton Abbey cast member in our midst and the rumours proved correct as Allen Leech took to the stage to read an excerpt from a Mulberry Christmas fairy tale favourite. 

Having not felt very festive before yesterday morning, Mulberry absolutely managed to get us all in the mood for Christmas. Here's to hoping that there'll be a Mulberry giftbox under all of our trees! 
Katty El said...

Great shoot! Love them... thanks for sharing.



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