10 December 2013

Must Haves | Christmas Edit

All I want for Christmas isn't you, it's all of the above. Thanks. 

Apologies for including the sold out gold Nike Air Max but I figured if there is a Father Christmas out there somewhere, he'll find a way to pop them under the tree this year. 

I love buying gifts for other people more than I love to receive them. There's something wholly satisfying about the way someone's face lights up when they unveil a gift that has obviously had a lot of thought and love poured into it to make it that little more special. 

Of course, there's a lot more to Christmas too. I'm heading Australia way for the first time to see my family who, as you probably know by now, emigrated there about 6 months ago. A Christmas by the pool will certainly be a change! What are all of your plans and wishes for Christmas? 
Lornas wishing well said...

Australia sounds exciting! have fun. I love the trainers x

Katie said...

Looooove the sweater x

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