23 December 2013

I Wear Clothes | The Agony Behind Angora

Zara dress | Topshop blazer & flatforms 
Mulberry handbag | Nixon watch 

Photographs by Hanna Kristina

A couple of days ago something a little unusual landed in my email inbox; it was from PETA announcing that, unlike major retailers ASOS and Calvin Klein, H&M had refused to cease from buying angora fur and producing clothes fabricated from it, after having promised its customers it would do so.

The email also included this video. An undercover PETA Asia investigator manages to film scenes where live rabbits are tied down as their fur is literally ripped from their skin in China. The rabbits are clearly distressed and scream out as the fur is torn from them, making the video extremely difficult and uncomfortable to watch. This happens to these rabbits for anything between 2-5 years before they are then killed.

Like most people out there, I do my best to recycle and conserve energy but I'm certainly no vegan, nor do I ever intend to be, and while I'm conscious of ethically sourcing my clothing, I'm not absolute in doing so. However, unethically sourced angora fur will never hang in my wardrobe after seeing that gut-wrenching video and neither should it in yours.

Sign PETA's petition here.
Lornas wishing well said...

I watched this the other day, so horrendous! :-( x


Virgos and Kisses said...

wow.... that video just made me so sick to much stomach.

laura rogan said...

Wow, that's crazy. I won't be watching the video because i'd rather not cry! I'm disappointed in H&M though. Fur isn't a problem for me, but the way it is taken is. On a brighter note, great dress!

Anonymous said...

This is crazy! H and M took such a strong stance initially, I can't believe they aren't following through.

Iris said...

You're so cool! The dress is amazing<3!
Have a great day dear and greetings from Finland,

Lauren said...

Disgusting. Will never set foot in their shop again. Read up on the alternative and apparently it's perfectly easy to remove the angora gently over several days with no pain to the animal. x

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