6 November 2013

Events | Halloween at Playboy London

Photographs by Paul Griffiths

Every time an event at Playboy London is marked in my calendar, I find myself literally counting down the days until we totter through the doors into the opulent club, which you can find situated in the heart of Mayfair. If you haven't been, you won't understand my excitement, so I will try my best to explain the place in a little more detail. 

If you wander to the right of the entrance, you'll find several sets of doors that lead you into a room with a low ceiling of draped fabric and chandeliers that automatically create a sense of intimacy and luxury. There's a small stage that remains covered with heavy curtains, in a deep red hue, until any performances begin. In front of the stage, there are tables and chairs but around the sides of the room are small table booths where Playboy's infamous champagne towers can usually be seen placed. The DJ can be found in the centre back with more tables and booths placed behind him; this area can be conveniently curtained off when necessary.  

And if you wander to the left? You'll end up in Salvatore's Bar; a space that oozes elegance and a drink list of dreams - that £8000 bottle of champagne, I'm looking at you.

No attention to detail is spared at a Playboy London party and this Halloween, we found ourselves amidst ghosts, four horrifying pigs and of course, the ever magnificent bunnies. The performances were utterly mind blowing too. What began with a funeral procession turned into a recital, including a huge yellow snake wound around a dancer's body as she backflipped and weaved her way across the stage. Then suddenly, we found ourselves stood in the middle of the club, in front of a paddling pool sized martini glass that was being filled with buckets of water. Out came a beautiful burlesque dancer who whipped off her clothes and splashed her way into the glass, giving her audience a performance like no other. 

It's safe to say that this year we had a Halloween incomparable to others; thanks Playboy London for having us! 
Katty El said...

Nice shoots!



Socia Vise said...

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Socia Vise said...

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