22 October 2013

I Wear Clothes | Clair De Lune (Them Jeans Edit)

Topshop jacket | Urban Outfitters top | Next skirt* | 
UGG boots* | My Flash Trash jewellery*

Photos by Hanna Kristina

Hello Autumn! We might not get round the year sunshine but we certainly do get to experience the four seasons. The change from the long summer nights to the earlier draw in of darkness as the season switches slowly and the leaves turn a crisp red then amber before they then fall to coat the ground is my favourite time of year. Not quite cold enough to be deserving of complaint and the layers can start to be piled on. 

A few weeks ago I was approached by UGG, who very kindly offered me a generous budget to pick something from their website with. Usually when you think UGG, the only thing that springs to mind are the camel, calf high boots that are lined with sheep skin and are mainly found on yummy mummys or similar so I have to admit, I was a little dubious at first but after closer inspection of their website, these boots were the very obvious perfect option for me. They even still have the signature UGG sheepskin lining the sole of the boot, which makes for a very comfortable ankle boot.

The post title comes from the ever popular Fight Facilities. Since the release of Clair De Lune a year back, the track has clocked up a staggering 3.5million views on their YouTube channel. Them Jeans has offered up an equally outstanding rework of the track, which you can find below. Enjoy! 

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Megan Ellaby said...

Oh sosososo gorgeous! those boots are gorgeous and I cannot believe they're ugg!

Lucia Y said...

Your jewellery is gorgeous! The necklaces are so cute
Lucia's Loves

Holly said...

Love your outfit! xx

Jaynelle Nicole said...

Love the look. Your beautiful! xo


Millie Cotton said...

thank you so much, made my day!

Millie Cotton said...

thank you! I know, they're stunning.

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