20 October 2013

Music | October Playlist

This months playlist is a little late but nevertheless, there has been many great new tracks this month that have got my feet tapping and my headphones blasting. I won't talk you through all of them but instead just the ones which are real standouts for me this month.

London based duo Maribou State's new track Truths from their latest EP, which is set to be a 4 song affair, features soulful, pure vocals from Jimi Nxir layered over smooth grooves, guitar riffs and somewhat eery synths, taking on a fresh approach to the somewhat over-saturated London house scene. More emotion evoking then a dance floor filler, the EP shows the dinstinctive direction the duo are headed for and it's certainly looking promising.

Paul Woolford's Untitled came about first time around in June of this year but the Leeds based producer has joined forces with Relentless Records to re-release the track this November. Sampling Andrea Martin and Switch's I Still Love You upon a funky, techno bassline, the re-release of this track should secure the deal of Untitled blowing up, placing it securely amidst the best house tracks of 2013.

There's been a considerable amount of hype around James Blake's collaboration with Chance The Rapper, reworking Life Round Here, a track from his sophomore album Overgrown, but what with the release of R&S Records' 30 Years of R&S Records compilation album, I want to take you back a few years to I Only Know (What I Know), a track of James' that R&S Records have chose to include on 30 track album. The melancholic track, which featured on James' Klavierwerke EP back in 2010, includes sounds limited to that of self-recorded samples, a cymbal, some simple piano chords that fade into a distorted bass beat producing one of his perhaps most skeletal but finest tracks.

Four Tet's Gong throws you into the full frontal chaotic disarray of his latest LP Beautiful Rewind, but it's Parallel Jalebi that breaks through the disorder of metallic chimes and drums, bringing focus to a more steady beat and echoing samples that become a powerful tool of reference for a somewhat disjointed album full of singles that have little to no flow, but then maybe that's the beauty of it.

imemmymah said...

I love hearing about different music takes. This playlist is amazing - I usually don't listen to this type of music so it's nice to switch it up.
I love the James Blake - I Only Know. Definite replay!

imemmymah | f+l

Rebecca said...

That four tet tune, massive!


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