28 October 2013

Fashion | A Day In My Mulberry.

Mulberry AW13 Suffolk in Off White* | Panasonic headphones* | iPhone 5 | iPad Mini*
Cath Kidston mirror | Stila Stay All Day Eyeliner* | L'Occitane handcream* 
Garnier Eye Roller | Batiste mini dry shampoo | L'Oreal Shocking Lashes mascara  
Chloe perfume* | Quiet by Susan Cain | Parker pen* | Moo.com business cards

I've never seen the appeal of nosing into other peoples handbags but the more I've thought about it recently, the more intriguing the idea of sharing the content of my handbag has become. If you've been reading for a while, you'll know it's a very rare day that I'm without a Mulberry hanging down by my side. 

The iconic British brand have some special offerings for AW13 including The Suffolk, which features Mulberry's signature postman’s lock and internal leather strap detailing, with a softly rounded yet structured shape, topped with the elegant frame. The beautiful leather and attention to detail make The Small Suffolk worth every penny of the £1350 it costs to purchase. 

As much as I'd like to travel a little more lightly, the above are the bare essentials. There's never a day that I would leave the house without headphones; music gets me around London from one place to the other without wanting to keel over of boredom. Books are also an essential if you want to avoid the classic British awkward eye contact on the tube. I'm currently reading Quiet by Susan Cain. You can see from the photo above, my copy is pretty battered from days spent in my handbag or on my bedroom floor next to my bed. It's not an easy read but one that I'd recommend. 

I kid myself that I always have a pen in my bag. Honestly, that's never the case. If I did always remember one, it'd be my Parker but most of the time you'll find me scrummaging through my bag looking for something that isn't there when asked for one. The iPad mini and iPhone need no explanation really, do they? From Google Maps to my calendar to email reminders, these two are the backbone of my day and a little lighter than carrying around my Filofax. 

As for make up choices, I try to take the bare minimum. Mascara, eyeliner and under the eye concealer are all I really need as most of my make up stays put and just needs a small top up throughout the day.

Anyway, I reckon that's enough about the contents of my Mulberry. What's in your handbag? 
Katty El said...

Love white hand bag models ;) Thanks for sharing..

Best Regards,

Please like my page, too ;) cheers

Bowie Mok said...

I'm so in love with the Mulberry Suffolk, the white is amazing too!


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