15 October 2013

Events | Levi's #MakeOurMark | A Journey To The Modern Frontier Launch Party

A fusion of art and fashion took place last week like never before. An enormous crowd of music, art and fashion lovers alike joined together at Oval Space to see the formation of a creative collaboration from Koreless, Ghostpoet and Alex Turvey as part of Levi's #MakeOurMark project.

Each artist drew upon their experience within the fields of music, literature and visual art and, striving to answer the question at the very heart of the Levi's campaign, 'What moves you?', creating an event experience that was truly pioneering in spirit and a once of a lifetime vision for the crowd before them.

As the three hopped up on stage to begin the visual-audio experience, we weren't entirely sure what to expect. The room lit up with ethereal sounds of nature and the visual story unfolded. I've never seen the attention of an audience held quite so well as it was during their performance; the experience was mind blowing.

Levi's certainly know how to throw a good party. Whatever your tipple, they had it throughout and the line up for the rest of the evening was stellar, featuring XXXY, DJ Murlo and Lone to throw us some beats before we bowed out close to midnight, heading home inspired from an evening of great music, exquisite art and wonderful company.
Sheree Milli said...

Ah - I was there, it was so massive though no wonder I didn't bump into you. xx

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