6 September 2013

I Wear Clothes | Sorry

Carhartt jumper | Urban Outfitters Renewal leather cap | Topshop Skirt
Mulberry bag | Puma Suedes* | Monica Vinader rings*

Photographs by Hanna Kristina

I don't know about you but I like a challenge. Whether it's forcing myself to read something a little more intellectual to prevent my brain from turning to mush - I'm currently reading this, how ironic - or cooking something new that includes ingredients I'm not even entirely certain on how to pronounce, I reckon it's the little things that keep us ticking over.  

My most recent self-set challenge to date is in the run up to LFW, get my peacocking in early and veer away from my usual black, white and grey ensembles, integrating something pink - 'the' colour of the season (I know, we've discussed this already) - every day for five days and documenting each as it happens. You'd never believe me otherwise, right?

Cue massive freak out and Topshop sweep. It hasn't been something that's come naturally but much to my surprise, it hasn't been that difficult either. It just goes to show that if you want to, you can include seasonal trends without surrendering your individual style more easily than you'd think. 

Check back this week to see all five attempts with sickeningly sweet, pink hues!

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