8 September 2013

I Wear Clothes | Sunday

Topshop Boutique shorts | Vintage Levi's jacket | H&M crop top |
Urban Outfitters socks | Nike trainers | Nixon watch

Photos shot by Hanna Kristina

The more time you spend looking at something, the greater analysis you subject that thing to and the more likely you are aware to become of its flaws. However, these Topshop Boutique shorts happen to be the exception. 

Silky to touch, in an inoffensive shade of pastel pink and perfectly fitted to sit high upon your waist, concealing the very real imperfections of my post-summer body, these shorts were worth every penny of the £80 they set me back and there's no time limit on my love for them. Plus, £80 is a small price to pay for allowing me to wear what are essentially pyjama bottoms out of the house. 

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