29 August 2013

Must Haves | September Edit

Topshop pink vinyl pencil skirt | T by Alexander Wang vest top | Smythson notebook
ASOS sandals | Monica Vinader rings | Base Range triangle bra

Ever since those first pastel pink Jil Sander hues hit the AW12 runway, and were caught up with a season late by every other designer out there ready for AW13, I've been dreading this moment. A moment that began last week when supposedly searching for a wedding outfit for a friend. This moment was the moment I walked into H&M and went bat shit crazy over this patent pink, calf length skater skirt.

And once the moment began, the insanity that came with it failed to stop. After purchasing said vinyl pink, calf-length skirt, we then proceeded to Topshop where I picked up not only one or two pink items to head into the changing room with but FIVE pink pieces - two of which were tight, sparkly and fluffy - and proceeded to love every single one of them. 

While I wouldn't say I stick to monochrome religiously (there's a bit of grey, navy and cream thrown in occasionally to shake these things up), I wouldn't have put myself down as a sickly, sweet pink type either. Except, it turns out I am. 

Not only did I buy the skirt in H&M but I bought the pink pencil skirt in Topshop too, apparently alongside half of London it seems, seeing as the bloody thing is now sold out. And it gets worse - I also went home and uploaded a picture (ahem, "selfie") of the previously mentioned tight, sparkly, fluffy pink ensemble on Instagram expecting a few "WTF are you wearing"s. Instead I got a reasonable amount of "hearts" from my somewhat modest Instagram following, spurring me into a dark pit of fluffy, sparkly, pink regret of having left the outfit in the Topshop, only to end up buying it a week later on a "rainy day" credit card.

So, this is my desperate plea to you all out there. Will the person in receipt of a cure for pink related hysteria please stand up. Preferably via email, thanks. 
Aisling M said...

Lol to this, I feel like I will have a lot of pink creeping in to my wardrobe and I am definitely not a pink girl! But that skirt is all kinds of major... Ahem

Rachel Davis said...

love this! i've wanted that topshop pink skirt for ages!


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