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Last Thursday evening I returned to the Playboy Club London in Mayfair to attend their midsummers party, hosted by Hugh Hefner's son Cooper. Having already attending my fair share of parties at the venue combined with the promise of a fairy tale setting, I was excited to see what the evening had in store. 

The ladies were told to whip out their finest pastel dresses and the men their country tweed. Dressed in my most ethereal dress with flowers in my hair, I arrived at the club with a friend, completely unprepared for the scene ahead of us. Champagne cocktails were had in tea cups with the Mad Hatter, and mini burgers and pizzas in boxes eaten with Alice in Wonderland. A harp player left us open-mouthed at her sensational performance. Ballet dancers filled the floor between guests, dressed in embellished white leotards, surrounded by sublime cages of flowers. 

When the entertainment ceased, the dancing began and carried on into the early hours of Friday morning. So, a huge thanks must go out to the Playboy Club London for throwing a party incomparable again to others and for spoiling us rotten for another evening! 


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