21 August 2013

I Wear Clothes | Sonnentanz (Sun Don't Shine)

American Apparel crop top & circle skirt | Vintage Chanel bag | Nike AM1s | Nixon watch

Lets talk about the American Apparel circle skirt. Never will you find a more flattering A-line shape skirt than that of American Apparel. Its perfect high-waisted fit accentuates your waist's small circumference, bypassing (and essentially hiding) whatever lies beneath. Finishing mid-thigh, it leaves little to the imagination but the length doesn't leave you feeling like there's too much on show either.

Ever since I took my first step into American Apparel 6 or so years ago and laid eyes on the minimal dresses, jumpers, skirts and trousers offered in every colour you could imagine, my bank balance hasn't been quite the same. The circle skirt is just one of many American Apparel styles I own in 4+ colours. The beauty of this style is that not only are there different colours, they offer various textures too. You can take your pick of corduroy, denim and, more recently, they've introduced leather. And what with this is starting to sound like an American Apparel advertorial so I'll leave it there! I'm sure you get my drift...

If you remember back to the end of last year, I included Austrian producer duo Klangkarussell's Sonnentanz in my 2012 mix. Recently, London based musician Will Heard and Klangkarussell hooked up to re-release the track with his vocals over the top of the original instrumental.

Yesterday saw pals Cara Delevingne and Will Heard post their acoustic cover of the track on YouTube. I haven't decided which way I sway the Cara version as of yet but what with the supermodel being attached, it's certainly sure to get a few hits, isn't it? 

Megan Ellaby said...

Such a great look, love the trainers!
love your blog so much

Millie Cotton said...

thank you!!

laura rogan said...

Great outfit, love the white skater skirt!


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