21 July 2013

Music | Getting to Know Santé

After 15 years in the industry, you might expect something of a nonchalant, been-there-done-that attitude from the Berlin based producer Santé but his strive to keep overachieving means his perspectives are as fresh as ever. I caught up with producer and fashion label founder ahead of his headlining date at Eastern Electrics this summer.

Millie: Before you became a producer, you were a guitarist, weren’t you? How did the transition from one to the other come about?

Santé: It was actually because I wanted to be more creative, instead of just writing songs. With electronic music you don’t just have to stick to verses and hooks to explore into the sound and you can also combine many different genres into House or Techno.

M: What’s your current set-up?

S: I have many vinyl records but at the moment I am mostly playing with my CDJ2000 from Pioneer and also using their Recordbox program. In 2014 I will have a new set up which will be a combination of Traktor and Maschine from Native Instruments, I want to be more creative and will hopefully use it more as a live set

M: What’s the best part of the production process for you when making a song?

S: when you hear your finished track in the club and crowd feedback is good - this is an amazing feeling! I love this moment.

M: Living in Berlin must be quite inspirational. What are your thoughts on the music scene there at the moment?

S: If I am honest, I am getting more inspiration from London at the moment, since I joined Paramount, my booking agency, and Exs management, I visit London around 2 times a month and what happens here is really crazy.  It’s nearly the same as Berlin was 8 years ago, particularly in East London.

M: What’s your favourite city to play in?

S: This is such a difficult question to answer but I would have to say Ibiza.

M: What’s your fail-safe track?

S: Mario Ochoa – ‘Lockdown’.

M: If you could go back to any year to experience the music scene then, what year would it be?

S: It would have to be the 70´s I guess.

M: And if you could collaborate with anyone who would it be?

S: I would love to work with Mike Skinner.

M: What are your best and worst experiences at events so far?

S: The worst is definitely when the equipment stops working properly, or the monitors are broken.  The best is when the crowd is really digging the sound I am playing.

M: Are you looking forward to Eastern Electrics? What’s the best thing about headlining a stage like you are there?

S: I am really happy to be part of Eastern Electrics this year.  I met the guys last year when I was playing for them on New Years Eve and this was massive, but being part of such a great festival is amazing! Also to have our own stage for the day is really incredible - Thanks to the whole crew!

M: Who should we be watching out for over the next few months in your opinion?

S: My homeboy Sidney Charles, he will be totally rocking the game over the next few years.

M: What made you branch out into creating your label and fashion brand Avotre?

S: Avotre is my personal playground, a record label where everything and anything can happen.

M: Sounds sick! And who would you love to dress if you had the chance?

S: David Bowie

M: What makes great style for you?

S: Combing casual and urban street wear pieces, such as a T-shirt and some patent leather shoes. This is style for me always an understatement.

M: Finally, what advice can you give to producers still trying to make it in the industry?

S: Patience and effort.

Santé hosts and headlines the Pub along with Darius Syrossian, Andre Crom, Sidney Charles and Max Chapman at Eastern Electrics Festival 2 - 4 August. Full line-up and tickets at easternelectrics.com
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