20 June 2013

I Wear Clothes | Yeezus

“I just talked to Jesus. He said ‘what up Yeezus’. 
I said ‘Shit I’m chilling. Trying to stack these millions"

Forever 21 tee | American Apparel skirt | Urban Outfitters sunglasses & boots* | 
Topshop bag and socks | Coloud headphones*

Hello New York! Apologies for the absence; I realised yesterday I haven't posted an outfit in just under a month now. No, I didn't notice either. I'd fill you in on everything I've been up to but I'm sure you have better things to do so head over to my instagram if you're interested in keeping tabs. 

And on to more important matters - Mr Kanye West. A baby girl and efficacious album, both premature in their release, preceded by an interview with The New York Times that displays Kanye's debatably execrable attitude, grabbed my eyes and my ears, and those of the best part of internet also apparently. 

While Kanye's decade long "sui generis hip hop career" (credit to The New York Times to expanding my vocabulary daily) isn't up for discussion, his demeanour and philosophies are certainly disputable. I've pulled a few of my favourite quotes of Mr West's from various sources around the internet and the new album for you all to decide what you will. 

"I am so credible and so influential and so relevant that I will change things."

(On interrupting Taylor Swift at the VMAs) "It’s only led me to complete awesomeness at all times. It’s only led me to awesome truth and awesomeness. Beauty, truth, awesomeness. That’s all it is."

"Yeah, respect my trendsetting abilities. Once that happens, everyone wins. The world wins; fresh kids win; creatives win; the company wins."

"I’ve been connected to the most culturally important albums of the past four years, the most influential artists of the past ten years. You have like, Steve Jobs, Walt Disney, Henry Ford, Howard Hughes, Nicolas Ghesquière, Anna Wintour, David Stern."

"I got the answers. I understand culture. I am the nucleus."

"I always misspell Genius SMH! The irony!"

"These aren't regular tweets...this is a stream of consciousness ..I want you to know and feel where my head is at."

"My greatest pain in life is that I will never be able to see myself perform live."

"I am a God. I am a God. I am God."

I think my opinion here is somewhat blatant and that's what makes Kanye more genius; he's even managed to get people who loathe his obnoxious attitude to write somewhat incoherent arguments against his ego. Whatever drugs this man is on, I want them. 
daisy said...

haha you're so right about kanye! the more people hate him, the bigger he gets and it feels like he is just playing a huge joke on the world.
love your outfit too, and your sunglasses are so cool!


Ella Catliff said...


Khensani Mohlatlole said...

Oh, that darn Kanye! He's rather revolutionary, I think. And your sunnies are fantastic.

Millie Cotton said...


Millie Cotton said...

aha you're the best miss! x

Millie Cotton said...

who knows, you'd hope so though right! thank you

Mark Roudy said...

Wow! so pretty you are!Nice tee and shoes. Suggestion some Bella shirts:

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