7 June 2013

Fashion | CFDA Models 'Get Lucky'

Take three of the best menswear designers - in this case CFDA award nominees Thom Browne, Michael Bastien and Duckie Brown - a large handful of New York's most attractive male models, who can also apparently hit a few notes, the song of the moment and the spectacle above materialises into reality. 

Showcasing the CFDA nominees lastest offerings, as well as some extremely well-chiselled cheekbones, the boys form the suavest Daft Punk army around - sorry but Pharrell who?

I laughed and I cried - metaphorically of course - as I stared at my screen in disbelief, my eyes and ears both far more titillated than I care to, and probably should, admit. 

Genius? Hideous? Girls, do we even care? Either way, my afternoon's just been made.
Ella Catliff said...

I love this, a lot x

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