30 May 2013

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Walking through the centre of Bristol, the idea of a festival five minutes walk from the main shopping streets seemed completely alien to us but nevertheless, up the hill we walked and there it was. 

Whilst Love Saves The Day may have only been in its sophomore year, thought had clearly been given to the finer details, which many long running festivals fail to pay attention to – we arrived to no queue and the staff were relaxed and friendly. 

Having arrived before the majority of the crowds, we explored the 6 stages on offer. We covered the grounds in little under half an hour, and were left feeling a little worried at how cramped we might end up later. We needn’t have; even at the peak of Love Saves The Day, there was plenty of space to be found if you wanted it, a refreshing occurrence for a sold-out festival. 

And as for the music? Electronic dance music filled Castle Park and the sun shone down as most people took to the grassy banks enjoying the music with a beer or two. Our first notable act was Bondax. The teen producer bought thousands to their feet, kicking off what was to be a 8-hour long dancing session with hits Gold and Baby I Got That

Some have said Bonobo was slow to start but when you’re playing an hour and a half long set, it’s surely all about building yourself up for a gradual climax, holding out on the songs everyone is there to see, saving your set from a likely crash and burn. A variety of old and new was played and there was nothing but love in the air and an electric atmosphere as Bonobo closed his set with Know You, a track off of his new album The North Borders.

After Bonobo we lapped up all that the festival had to offer fleeting around the hills and crevices with an air of nonchalance, soaking up the differing ambiances of the varying tents. We found ourselves caught up in a dance off in a boxing ring, followed with joining in on a synchronised group effort routine in the reggae tent. 

After feasting on mash potato, peas and gravy (they’d run out of pies by 11pm), we thought about heading to one of many after parties available but after almost a solid twelve hours of drinking and dancing, home was where our hearts were. The first party of summer went surprisingly well; there are certainly some high standards for the rest to live up to now, that’s for sure. 
Lucia Y said...

Ah looks like such much fun, and the weather was beautiful! You were so lucky. Last time I went to a festival I ended up so freezing so my friend and I huddled by the ice cream van engine for warmth haha
Lucia's Loves

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