8 May 2013

Music | Getting To Know | Kadugodi

There's nothing quite like stumbling across a new noise that is attempting to bring something fresh to a saturated scene, which is what 21 year old Kadugodi is achieving. Behind Kadugodi lies Eliot Shiner, a music technology student who is currently taking a break from his studies in order to gain some experience in the industry, "Music is always the focal point of what I do - I work with music, study music, relax to music and don't ever stop appreciating or thinking about it. I usually compose and experiment with sound very late at night, but will play the piano or guitar at any point during the day. If I feel that I have a good idea, I will usually lock myself away until I have the foundations of the idea down to work on later.” 

Eliot was drawn to producing music through the realisation of being able to provoke emotion and build an atmosphere using sound and that’s exactly what he does. A fan favourite is Eliot’s remix of Breezeblocks by Alt-J, which eerily reconstructs Joe Newman’s vocals, slowing the pace to create something ethereal that you’ll just want to turn up, lie back and let surround you. 

His tracks are tender, stirring reactions that leave listeners clinging to every beat. There are some obvious influences, Eliot says one of his favourite tracks at the moment is James Blake’s Life Round Here, “I guess my inspiration derives not so much from a particular genre, but more from how the artist uses their instrument - be it their voice, piano, or synthesiser - to express their thoughts and emotions. I find that I really enjoy listening to, and gathering inspiration from anything with real energy and soul behind it. Other inspirations are drawn from my surroundings, my friends, my own state of mind at that particular time, the weather - almost anything.” 

Eliot’s track Stirling was spun on Radio 1 but even with had thousands of Soundcloud and Youtube plays, Eliot admits this is just the beginning of the journey in his music career. Eliot is yet to finish and release his first ep, “I want this for myself more than anything - but am still very excited to see what reactions if might get. I guess long term I would love to tour my music and make a living out of it.

“I'm not signed at the moment, but have got a few potential offers depending how my EP goes. Most of the labels I would love to work with are based in the US - particularly around LA so I guess that’s not really going to happen. Besides, I don't think I will be ready to consider a step like that until I am happy with everything. I feel like I have spent the past year learning the basics, and now I am ready to apply my knowledge of sound design and production to express myself a bit more.

 “I’d love to collaborate with an artist like Dream Koala or Nosaj Thing – their melodies are always really unique.” Standing out from the crowd is important for Eliot but there’s no doubt he’s doing that already; have a listen for yourself and see. 

Anonymous said...

Learning about new genres and artists are so much fun! You become one with the rhythm and beat the moment you press play on a tune, and it exposes a piece of the composer's experience which rubs off on the listener as well.
Thank you for sharing this young artist's journey, perhaps you will like the article on my site as well promulgating the new reggae genre ROOTSRONIC http://ladylaleebella.wordpress.com/2013/05/04/edm-and-reggae-mashup/

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