24 May 2013

Events | Coca Cola Share A Coke Party

If Thursdays are the new Fridays for fashion events, Wednesday is slowly but surely becoming the new Thursday. I headed to favourite party venue One Marylebone to celebrate Coca Cola's Share a Coke campaign with the brand.

One Marylebone was packed and energy bouncing off the walls as we entered, after having been presented with my very own Coca Cola 'Millie' bottle - one of very few I'm told. Grabbing a surprisingly non-Coca Cola cocktail, we headed to paint huge red canvases - I shamelessly went for self-promotion, plastering 'It's a LDN Thing' all over them.

As the night unfolded Nick Grimshaw hit the decks, spinning everything from Kendrick Lamar to Daft Punk encouraging some confident shapes to be thrown around the dance floor, including some from a couple of Made In Chelsea's finest.

It was a brilliant evening and such a privilege to have a Coca Cola bottle specially personalised for me! 150 of the UK's most popular names can be found on cans and bottles so head out and find your name, grab a loved one and share away.
AlexaJB said...

Hey just came across your blog...i like it!

Can I ask what actually is your job that you get to go to all these cool events?



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