29 April 2013

I Wear Clothes | I Told You

Topshop coat & sunglasses | Theyskins' Theory jumper | H&M skirt
Mulberry clutch | Saucony trainers* | Monica Vinader rings*

Photos by Arron Hollands

Oh, hi kids! It's been a while. I've had some very boring skin issues after someone suggested putting Bio Oil on my face - sort of serves me right for trusting someone on Twitter, right? It hasn't been pretty so I have sacked off outfit posts for a little while as the worst healed.

Anyway, less about me and let's chat about the Vogue Festival. I didn't make it last weekend but I did follow the happenings on Twitter. The festival struck a few more serious chords this time round, with everyone from Susie Lau, to Cara Delevingne, to Victoria Beckham on stage discussing a wide range of fashion issues. 

Too Fat or Too Thin...Will We Ever Be Content was the talk I was most interested in keeping tabs on. Its sterling panel was made up of Patsy Kensit, Daisy Lowe, David Gandy and Christa D'Souza. Vogue editor Alexandra Shulman introduced the talk with a stern reminder that the talk wasn't concerning underweight models but the issues everyone has with their own body image. 

The talk concerned little mention of how the media affects our values on our body on a day to day basis and instead focused upon the panel's issues with their body image and what difficulties they've had with the fashion industry and their appearance. 

A talk that could have really flustered some faces and perhaps caused a little chaos at the Vogue festival became little more than a warped self-help group, where beautiful individuals sat on stage and ironically preached about loving yourself from the inside out. 

Whilst they might have offered up some wise words in self-love, I couldn't help thinking yesterday that it's probably a little easier to love yourself when you have a face as handsome as David Gandy's or an arse as pert as Daisy Lowe...

Lauren said...

I remember Daisy Lowe being described as "curvy" in an interview. What a laugh- she's a size 8! I've been loving the Vogue festival. Maybe I'll manage to go next year x

Ana Rita Leite said...

Lovely outfit! Love your blog!
xo, A.
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Stephanie / Cocochic said...

Love this look girl! The coat is insane xx

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Daisy Boorman said...

It's a bit of a joke, I hate this whole celebrities-talking-about-their-insecurities thing, it's not all about them. I'm sure you've seen, but H&M put a 'plus size' model on their swimwear front page of their US site and most importantly they didn't make a big deal out of it!

On another note, I love your nail varnish! x

Gemma Talbot said...

Your jacket is gorgeous and I want your mulberry clutch. Serious bag envy right there x

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